What does Bump mean on Facebook? Are you wondering what does the slang term bump mean on facebook post, comment, sales, selling pages, and garage sales? Don’t worry, in this article we have tried to explain about what does BUMP mean on Fb sales pages.

What Does BUMP Mean on Facebook?

BUMP on FB means Bring Up my Post. BUMP on facebook helps your comment to appear on the top, when there are lots of comments appearing on facebook page, post and groups. This is what does bump mean on facebook.

During this period if anyone wants to bring their post onto the top people comment BUMP on the post or they use different signs like “.”

When you type BUMP on Facebook, it BUMPS the facebook post or comment on to the top of your Facebook wall.

What does it mean when someone says bump on a post?

What does BUMP mean on Facebook Post? When you BUMP on facebook post it means that your post or thread you comment on is at the top and will receive more replies or interactions. However, it is not often advised to bump frequently. One needs to wait for the thread to receive good interactions. There is no need to “Bring Up My Post” every hour to gain the attention on facebook group.

When people find your thread to be catchy and interactive, they starting frowning upon your post.

You also get an infraction if your BUMP frequently on Facebook Groups, pages or posts.

How do I bump a post on FB?

As mentioned above, to BUMP your posts on facebook you need not keep interacting on the post every now and then. Unless your post is pinned to the top of the group, you don’t rank high on facebook groups or posts.

You can interact once in 24 hours to make your post appear on top of the Facebook Group or page. This can be any kind of interaction like liking other persons comments, placing a “.” Or leaving a response to others comment on your thread.


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