Valve is partnering with Chinese Developer Perfect World to develop a local version of the steam app. However, the launch date has not been announced yet. Earlier, perfect world has worked with Valve for releasing Counter strike and DOTA 2.

Now, both companies are actively working to promote the steam’s marketing, game lineup and launch in the country. Though steam valve e3 is not yet officially launched, a recent survey shows that the company has simplified Chinese users as the second highest gamers on this platform.

 Recently, 40 million global sales were done for the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) in China. Perfect world and steam are working together to adhere the values of both the companies.

The move by Valve makes a perfect sense, as the China’s gaming market is booming at a rapid pace. Also statistics show that the China gaming industry is ahead of the U.S, UK, Germany and Japan gaming industries. With the recent increase in purchase of mobile phones, there is a shift of huge base of gamers, from PC to mobile gaming. Recently, Tencent, a largest gaming company on the planet has reported that its mobile gaming revenue has surpassed the revenue of PC gaming.

Though there is no official presence of Steam valve e3 in China, still most of the users have set the primary language as Chinese, and the secondary as English. There is a heavy competition in this space, and Valve plans to make a smart move in this space.

Few months back Steam community was blocked in China without any warning, giving no access to the gamers. However, people can still access the store.


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