Searching for how to check itunes gift card balance? If yes, you have landed at a right place. Here, we provide the complete information on how to check itunes card balance.

ITunes Gift Card Balance is integrated with your Apple ID, and the gift card balance can be used to purchase movies, music, apps, or TV show episodes on your iphone, ipad or any other mac device.

How to Check iTunes Gift Card Balance?

Most of the time we redeem the itunes gift card and forget to check itunes card balance. So, follow the below mentioned process to check your itunes card balance:

Firstly, we assume that you have redeemed your itunes gift card balance integrated with your iPhone or apple id. Redeeming multiple gift cards on your iphone will result in showing the itunes card balance as a cumulative number. For example, if you happen to redeem two itunes gift cards of different balance, then the itunes gift card balance would show a combined balance of these gift cards.

  • Head on to the itunes store, and open the application.
  • Now, select the featured option which is present at the top navigation bar (beside charts).
  • Now, scroll down through the same page, till you find an option known as credit. You can check itunes gift card balance beside the ‘credit’ option.

This itunes card balance can also consist of the refund for cancelling a subscription or cashback for your purchases.

How to Redeem iTunes Gift Card Balance?

To redeem iTunes gift card balance, follow the steps mentioned below, it will help you a lot:

  • Firstly, open the iTunes store present on your iPhone app drawer.
  • Select the music, TV shows, and music tab. Select the ‘featured’ option present at the top navigation bar and scroll down through the page, till you notice an option ‘Redeem’.
  • Now, tap on the redeem option. You can scan the code through camera or enter the code manually depending on your choice.

Reasons to Check iTunes Gift Card Balance

Now you know how to redeem and check itunes card balance, one must know why is it important to check the itunes balance on a regular basis.

  • To Avoid overspending: Sometimes we tend to overspend while shopping on iTunes store, without checking the balance. One should not got overboard with shopping, if they are having very low credit balance on their itunes store.
  • Check Irregularities: In the past, there were few incidents where the itunes accounts were hacked and the balance was redeemed on unknown and unwanted purchases. To avoid such kind of discrepancies, one needs to check their itunes gift card balance
  • Credit price Increase: The cost of renting itunes balance on apps, movies and music is increasing by 2-3% every year.

We hope this article has given you a clear insight on how to redeem and check itunes gift card balance. If you still have any queries, do let us know in the comment section below. We would be happy to help you out.


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