How to Set an Alarm on Mac? Are you looking for how to set an alarm on mac? Then you are at a right place. In this article, we have explained step by step process on how to set an alarm on a mac? After reading the entire process you will easily get to know How to set an alarm on Mac Book Air and Pro?

How to Set an Alarm on Mac?

If you are struggling for how to set alarm on mac? Then don’t miss this section. Check the instructions given below to set alarm on Mac.

You can generally set alarm for mac using the Calendar app, which comes pre-installed with the MacBook PC OS. This widget works as a best alarm clock for mac without any need to download an alarm clock. You can use this digital alarm clock widget to setup reminder for special occasions like birthday, marriage events and other important meetings for the day.

How to Set an Alarm on Mac

Check the below section on how to set an Alarm on Macbook using the Calendar clock alarm widget?

How to Set an Alarm on Mac Calendar?

Follow the steps mentioned below for setting alarm on mac.

  • Firstly, to set an alarm for MacBook click on the Calendar widget present in Dock. In case, if you dint find the Calendar widget on your Mac, then click on the “Go” menu, and select the “Applications” and double tap on “Calendar”.
  • Now double tap on the Date you would like to set an alarm on mac. Now, give a name to the new event you have created.
  • Remember, not to change anything in the “To” field when you set alarm on mac.
  • After you set date and time for alarm, click on “Alert”, and in the drop down menu select “Custom”. Now select the “message with sound” option from the drop down menu.
  • This is done to set ringtone for alarm on mac.
  • Now you can select the audio file from the sound options in the second drop down menu. Also, you can set custom ringtone for alarm on macbook by choosing any audio file of your choice as the alarm sound.
  • For this, you need to click on “open file” and select the audio file of your choice from the hard disk.
  • In the last drop down menu, you can check on “At the time of Event” and select “Ok”. Also, you can select the option “Minutes Before” to stop the alarm at a predefined time before an event.

In this manner you can set alarm for Mac PC. Check out the best macbook alarm clocks in the section below.

Best MacBook Alarm Clock

For setting an alarm on mac you need to first install best alarm clock on macbook. So, we have listed few best apple alarm clock for Macbook and iOS below:

Awaken: This is one of the best online alarm clock Mac app. This is one of those Mac alarm clock that works in sleep mode, and gets free updates for lifetime. It wakes you up with songs from your iTunes library and does wake up time work in sleepmode. In short, this is one of the best mac alarm clock which simples your work for alarm for mac.

Wake up Time Alarm Clock: If you are most worried about how to set an alarm on Mac? Then this alarm clock for mac comes in handy. This mac alarm is beautifully crafted to fit all your needs. The recent update of this alarm clock macbook app has lots of UI improvements as well as retina display support, which makes you fall in love with it.

Alarm Clock Pro: It is one of the best Mac widget alarm clock which simplifies the task of setting your alarms. You can set alarm 6 am, for 7am, 1030, 8am, etc. In short, with one click you can set an alarm clock for any time with a simple click of button. You can set alarm clock in this widget, for a single day or put it in a repeat mode for the entire week.

These are some of the best alarm clock widgets to set alarm for MacBook. Hope, now you understood how to set an alarm on Mac? If you have any doubts contact us through the comment section below.

How to Set an Alarm on Mac? Step By Step Process to Set an Alarm on a Macbook
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How to Set an Alarm on Mac? Step By Step Process to Set an Alarm on a Macbook
Know How to set an alarm on Mac? By Following The Instructions Given Here. We have provided step by step process in this article, on How to Set an Alarm on a Mac? Also, download an alarm clock from the list of Mac alarm clock widgets given below. Click here To know more about how to set a...


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