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How Long Does Laptop Last? – Average Laptop Battery Life expectancy and Performance

How long does laptop last? Do you know how long does a laptop last? In this article, we have clearly defined how long does laptop last in terms of battery, keyboard, factory reset and charge.


How Long Does Laptop Last?

Although there is no specific answer for how long does a laptop last? But, based on laptop and desktop user’s experience, Laptops aren’t much durable compared to the desktops. Though their components are designed for transporting, portability, and light weight, yet they wear and tear more than a desktop. Moreover, when someone asks how long do laptops last? The only thing we can tell him is that it depends on his usage.

For few people, the laptop is only meant for educational and professional purpose. For them, the laptops last for more years compared to heavy gamers and people who have heavy duty works on their laptops. Ideally, for heavy duty laptop users and gamers the rough estimate for their question How long does laptop last? would be approximately 1-1.5 years.

We will discuss the reasons for that in the sections below.

How long does Laptop Battery Last?

We can see this question in two different perspectives – Laptop Battery Life Expectancy for heavy users and for normal users. When a heavy user uses his laptop, the average laptop battery life would be very less (approximately 1-2 hours) compared to the normal users.

average laptop battery life

The reason behind poor average laptop battery life for heavy users is that the laptops consume lots of resources like CPU, GPU, etc in the name of background process. So, for heavy laptop users the backend battery consumption is very high. On contrary, the laptop battery life expectancy for normal and moderate users is quite good (about 3-4 hours), as the resources like CPU, GPU are consumed on a minimal scale.

That is the reason, heavy duty laptop users face more issues with their laptops in the long run. So, we hope this clears your query for how long does laptop last in terms of battery life?

How Long Do Laptops Last On Average?

The answer for how long do laptop last on average? should be seen from many perspectives like:

  1. Battery Usage: The average battery life of any new laptop would be minimum 3-4 hours. If you are a heavy duty laptop user, then the laptop battery life expectancy in the long run would drop down gradually within 1 year. Whereas, if you are a normal user, a laptop provides the similar performance for 3-4 years without any problem. Especially, gaming pc’s last for 3 to 4 years without any problem of wear and tear.
  2. Price of Laptop: Generally, high price laptops are built of good quality material, which also impacts the performance of the laptop battery and performance. Usually, the poor priced or poor performance based laptops are the consumer grade laptops. On the other hand, Business grade laptops are superior in terms of performance. Companies like Dell, HP, Lenovo provide these kind of business laptops with heavy duty performance, specially designed for the heavy gamers and laptop users.

We hope, this cleared your doubts on how long does laptop last, average laptop battery life, and how long does a laptop last in terms of performance and usage.

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