To play the games in a smooth manner, one requires Best remote desktop for gaming. In this article, we have provide the list of the best remote desktop for playing games on your PC without any hassle.

Best Remote Desktop For Gaming

Check these best remote desktop program for gaming.

Amazon Web Services:  Amazon provides free tier remote desktop connection for one year.  The speed of Amazon web service remote desktop connection is pretty good. One can get RDP of 1 GB RAM and 64 GB of memory, which would be quite sufficient for a gamer. Aws Free Tier expires after 12 Months.

How to Create Free AWS Account?

  1. Head on to AWS official Link.
  2. Now, login to your account and click on servicesà EC2 -àRunning Instances.
  3. Create an instance, and select the “free tier eligible” instances.
  4. Now, click on start instance. After a while, a pop up screen appears, to download the RDP file on your PC.
  5. Along with it, download the password in .pem format [This is the format of your password for AWS RDP].

Note: It takes around 24 hours to activate aws free trial account.

Google Cloud: Google also provides the best RDP servers free of cost for one year. The speed of Google cloud is quite better compared to the free Amazon AWS. This is one of the best remote desktop for gaming.

How to Create Free Google Cloud Account?

The process of creating google cloud console is similar to creating aws rdp account

  1. Head on to the official Google Cloud console sign up page.
  2. Now, fill up all the required details and provide your credit card for Google cloud console (you will not be charged anything during the trial period).
  3. In some cases, Google asks you to provide ID verification. Try uploading your driving license or any Government issued ID card.

We hope, this article helped you in knowing the two best remote desktop for gaming purposes. In case, if you face any issue, do let us know in the comment section below.


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